Tokiwa Special Line

茄子味噌 ぎっしり餃子
Nasu Miso (Eggplant sauteed in soy bean paste) 480円
Tonzara (pork in sukiyaki style) 650円
Tofu Steak (with a sauce made up of soy sauce, sugar, sweet sake, and seaweed in dried bonito broth) 550円
Shoga-Yaki (pork braised in ginger?a standard of the restaurant) 550円
Nishin Shio-yaki (salt-grilled herring?the restaurant is confident of the size of its servings of this dish) 700円
Gisshiri Gyoza (plump-packed fried dumplings with minced pork and vegetable filling) 420円
Sui-Gyoza (boiled dumplings with minced pork and vegetable filling) 420円

Sashimi(sliced raw fish)

Maguro sashimi(sliced raw tuna) 700円
Niten-mori (Assortment of sliced raw fish) 2 kinds 550円
Yonten-mori (Assortment of sliced raw fish) 4 kinds 950円
Rokuten-mori (Assortment of sliced raw fish) 6 kinds 2,500円
Shici/Hachiten-mori (Assortment of sliced raw fish) 7〜8 kinds 3,500円

※Other fresh produce purchased in the market, the store "menu board recommendations," please visit.

Grilled fish・Boiled fish

Herring(salted & grilled ) 700円
Mackerel(simmered in miso) 480円
Mackerel(salted & grilled ) 480円
Sanma(Grilled fish saury) 480円

Deep-fried food

Hamukatsu(ham cutlet) 380円
deep-fried mackerel 550円
deep-fried chicken 550円


Japanese Sweet Omelet
Japanese Omelet 500円
Niku-Iri Yasai Itame (sauteed vegetables and pork) 500円
Nira-tama (leek boiled with egg and soy sauce) 420円

Raw vegetables

Vegetable Salad 480円
Horenso-Goma-ae (spinach marinated in sesame sauce) 380円
Boiled Spinaches 230円


Ika-wata (frozen squid giblets eaten with a Japanese horseradish and soy sauce dip)
(Tokiwa Special Line)
lightly pickled vegetables・pickling in salt 180円
TOFU with ginger and welsh onion 380円
Milt combination 280円
Nameko mushroom combination 280円
Pickles 300円



Daily lunch or dinner special, please see the store menu boards

Egg, Onion and Pork Cutlet[& rice in bowl] 1,000円
Egg, Onion and Chopped Chicken[& rice in bowl] 1,000円
Negi-toro Don (scallion and fatty tuna meat bowl) (Our shop popular No.1) 1,000円

※All types of bowls come with boiled vegetables with meat (nimono), pickles (ko-zuke), and soy bean paste soup (miso shiru).

Pork Cutlet set menus 1,000円
Sliced raw tuna set menus 1,380円


Rice(L・M) 270円
Rice(S) 250円
(soy bean paste soup generously garnished with pork and vegetables)
(soy bean paste soup with one of three types of clams (hamaguri, shijimi or asari (cockle))
(red soy bean paste soup with nameko mushrooms)
(soy bean paste soup with wakame seaweed and tofu)

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