Asakusa Tokiwa Restaurant History

1922 In operation since the establishment of the restaurant as the 5th branch of the Tokiwa Restaurant main shop that is located in Honjo Ko-umedaira-Cho (present Narihira, Sumida Ward).
1931 Moved and opened for business at 8-chome, Minami Senju, Arakawa Ward (Senju Ohashi-giwa).
1936 Moved and opened for business at Kaminari Mon, Taito Ward.
1946 Even after being burned down in the Pacific War air-raids, two branches--the present Asakusa branch and the extant Kaminari Mon branches--were reopened for business simultaneously.
1958 The 2nd generation owner took over and established an operational foundation.
1980 The 3rd generation owner took over and established a cooking policy.
2010 In July thoroughgoing redecoration was carried out, and the restaurant was reopened and is still in operation today.

Tokyo Tokiwa Restaurants

Asakusa Tokiwa Restaurant@Tokyo Tokiwa RestaurantsThere are numerous gTokiwa Restaurantsh in Tokyo.
Among them, this branch participates in the gTokyo Tokiwa Grouph that was created by the Tokiwa Restaurant main shop.
The original Tokiwa Restaurant was born from the Tokiwa Kadan, a high-class Japanese cuisine restaurant (ryotei), that prospered in the Asakusa---Ueno area from the 1870s to the early 1920s (Meiji to Taisho periods).
Mainly located in the downtown parts of Tokyo, these restaurants have been made individualistic through the ideas and concepts of the managers of the various branches.

Asakusa Tokiwa Restaurant Store Information

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