Asakusa Tokiwa Restaurant Policies

Let us introduce the Tokiwa Restaurant “policies” for “branch operation,” “food materials,” and “personnel.

policies for branch operation

The Tokiwa Restaurant continues to operate on the basis of the single principle of being a restaurant that is loved by our customers.

We operate on enriching daily life through Japanese food culture.

In order to realize this concept, we exert day to day efforts based upon three service concepts.

   1:We provide food that is centered on heartily delicious Japanese cuisine.
   2:We deal with our customers enthusiastically in an atmosphere that provides a sense of the four seasons and the culture of Japan.
   3:We always provide high value-added services.

policies for food materials

Our manager goes directly to the market to select and purchase our food products.
He takes great care in selecting food products that are truly delicious, without concerning himself about whether or not they are famous.
We provide high value-added food products, particularly in the realm of fish and vegetables.

policies for personnel

The Ideal Personnel Image

We have established an ideal personnel image toward which we all aim.

   1:Self-motivation: Think and act on one’s own initiative.
   2:Self-reflection: Clarify the reason for one’s own mistakes.
   3:Self-responsibility: Carry everything through to the end that one sets one’s hand to.

Action Policies

In order to realize the ideal personnel image, all of our employees maintain the same motivation policies and work day by day in accordance with those policies.

   Complete one’s work in a concise and speedy manner.
   Communicate through clear and positive responses.
   Approach everyone with a brightly smiling face.
   Constantly think about providing exciting service and products.
   Refine one’s own abilities with positive perseverance.

Training policy

Our policy for training of employees consists of “high aims,” “gentle guidance,” and “strict evaluation.”

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